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You will learn about the Do's and Dont's of Burnout

What Will You Learn In Our Course

  • History of Burnout

  • Physician burnout is described as a state of emotional exhaustion in which the physicians lose satisfaction and a sense of efficacy in their work.

  • Burnout Demographics

  • Between 25-50% entrepreneurs can suffer from burnout at some stage during their careers. Some experience it several times in their lives.

  • Causes of Burnout

  • Work-Life Balance, Lack of autonomy and imbalanced workload can cause Burnout

  • Symptoms of Burnout

  • Most of the signs and symptoms of burnout seen in physicians can be related to entrepreneurs suffering from exhaustion as well.

  • Burnout Effects 

  • Burnout and related conditions left alone may lead to depression, which may cause a brief or more extended period of absence from work, which may be devastating both for the individual physician and the organisation they work in.

  • Treatment 

  • Prevention is better than cure. If you have established burnout, we recommend that you seek urgent Medical and Psychological help.

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