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Burnout Freedom Formula

The 7-week Burnout Freedom Formula is Fulfilled Careers Institutes Flagship course. It is recommended that international delegates and delegates who do not wish to have face-to-face contact can complete this course.

The course has 3 modules and each has specific ethos and ideals.

Find Freedom: Delegates will explore the fundamentals of Burnout and the reasons why it is so common.

Create Freedom: This module will educate the delegates with ideas and ideals which if encompassed by the delegated will lead to direct positive effects

Live Freedom: After completing 1st and 2nd modules the delegate is well equipped with strategies to transform their professional and personal life. It is highly recommended that the delegates continue to practice the teachings of the course long after the course has been completed


7 weeks   


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This online course is put together as an all in one resource which will allow medical professionals to take the course and understand the problem, process the change and effect it all in 7 weeks.

The program is designed in 3 modules and there are several course worksheets that the attendees will be required to complete

Key concepts covered include

What is Burnout ?

Why are Physicians burnout?

How to prevent Burnout?

The Freedom Formula course aims to prevent burnout and offers helpful tips and knowledge via Mr. Moholkar's education on the topic. However, in the event that a candidate has been diagnosed with depression by a medical professional, it is strongly recommended that they seek urgent professional medical and/or psychological assistance, as the course is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather to improve awareness and develop skills.

The three-step Burnout Freedom Formula can be transformative when appropriately and consistently implemented. Throughout the course, participants will gain a thorough understanding of burnout, including its definition, causes, statistics, and more. In addition, ancient and modern techniques that have been scientifically proven to help will be introduced.

Please note that all materials used in the course are based on scientific evidence and appropriately referenced for ease of understanding. The Live module is the final part of the course and builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the first two modules. Participants will have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in understanding the literature and theory from the first module and applied those learnings in the Create module.

It is important to keep in mind that any new habit or skill that one wishes to develop must be repeated daily for at least 90 days to be imprinted in the subconscious. Therefore, participants are highly encouraged to continue with the learnings and routines developed during this module and far beyond.