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An AI app  for wellness, productivity, accountability and fulfilment

Dr. Kirti Moholkar

Dr. Kirti Moholkar founded the Fulfilled Careers Institute in 2019 out of his interest in coaching colleagues. He has undertaken this activity for over 13 years and has found that it is a valuable tool for helping people achieve their career goals.

He has learned a lot about coaching and how to help people who are feeling stressed, exhausted, and burnout. He is interested in helping people find career alignment, professional satisfaction, and preventing burnout by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to get back on track.

Prevent Burnout and Find Fulfilment

If you’re a medical professional at a risk of burnout, you are not alone, approximately 60% are!

This book offers you the preventative tools to feel your best and give patients the care they deserve.

Not sure if you’re experiencing burnout?

Are you a medical professional searching for motivation to tackle work? Do you suffer from exhaustion, detachment from patients or work, and otherwise forgetting what made you love this career in the first place?


Fulfil-AI app

AI-Mindfulness-Development-Time management app

If you're struggling to stay on top of your professional and personal tasks, you're in for a treat. Introducing the FulfilAI app, designed to streamline all aspects of your life in one convenient platform.

1. Wellness- Wellness evidence and activities

2. Calendar management

3. Educational courses- Free and paid courses

4. Time management-From managing daily tasks

5. Life Hacks- Important skills to learn

6. Chat GPT and much more...

Meet Alfie, your AI buddy, who is voice command enabled and will be your faithful servant to keep you focussed and under control.

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For EVERY professional

The purpose of the book "Claim Your Career” is to provide a comprehensive guide for individuals who are seeking to create a more fulfilling and rewarding professional life. In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, many people find themselves feeling unfulfilled, burned out, or stuck in a career that does not align with their passions or values. The book aims to provide a roadmap for individuals who are looking to break free from these patterns and create a version 2 of themselves, one that is aligned with their authentic self and brings greater meaning and purpose to the book

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    Client Testimonials

    Kirti's coaching style is empathetic and compassionate. He asked powerful questions that supported my thought process as I faced some hard truths about myself and identified areas of self-sabotage hindering progress toward my goals. He has an ability to probe with feedback that increases my self awareness and helps me develop strategies to be more effective in my professional and personal relationships. It was nice to be able to be vulnerable without judgment.

    Catherine Cole

    Kirti and I have met several times through strategy and coaching masterminds and what impresses me every time we speak is his mission to address practitioner burnout. Kirti's approach to providing the coaching, the well-being toolkit and the support that enables health professionals to stay mentally and physically well is much-needed in our fast-paced society. If we want to have a healthy nation, we need to create the right individual behaviours and habits, and Kirti's advocacy of this important issue is continuing to lead the way.

    Kym Hamer

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